EURODUNA – Pea Products

Pea – a reliable and universal raw material. With an extended product portfolio Euroduna Food Ingredients Gmbh increases its activities on peas. Pea pulses do convince through the valuable protein  composition and high functional properties. Yellow peas are gently processed and are characterised by a good digestibility. 

Product range
Products Application / Description
Peatex 100 % natural pea flour and pea texturates. Through the extrusion process products are even easier to digest and are characterised by good functional properties. Peatex products are especially used in meat and meat products. Advantages are the cold swelling properties and low cooking losses. Portfolio includes fine powder as well as flakes.
Protex Extruded pea protein. It has been solely gained through mechanical treatment. No use of solvents. Applications range from bakery and meat products as well as vegetarian and vegan products.
Startex Pea starch concentrate with 12 % protein. Healthy ingredient with a mild taste. An ingredient with high functionality, cold swelling, freeze stability and characterised by its good gelling properties. For meat products and sausages.
Pea Protein 80% Pea protein isolate with a protein content of 80 % (dry matter basis). Suitable for specific applications due to its excellent amino acid composition. For sport nutrition applications, for example.
TPP55 A texturized pea protein designed to beused as the base material of plant based meat analogues. TPP55 is recommended especially for minced meat products like burgers.
VegTein A texturized pea protein with higher protein content than TPP55. VegTein is very well suited for vegetarian/vegan burgers and sausages.