EURODUNA - Protein Crispies

Crunchy, healthy and absolutely delicious; Our Protein Crispies are the ideal addition to your product. As a topping for yoghurt, in müsli or cereal or as part of nutrition bars; These Crispies are packed full with protein and fuel your body with energy and essential amino acids.

For all sorts of applications we offer Protein Crispies with different protein sources to cater to various consumer groups such as vegetarians and vegans or people with allergies.

More variants are currently in development!

Product range
Product Protein Content Description
Soy Crispies 60%60 g/100g Crunchy Protein Crispies made from soy protein, rice semolina and soy flour. Gluten-free and versatile in many products.
Milk Protein Crispies56 g/100g Crunchy balls made from milk protein concentrate (MPC) with a pleasant milky taste.
Soy Crispies 80%80 g/100g Crunchy round extrudate made from soy protein and tapioca starch. Gluten-free and versatile in many products.
Soy Crispies 60% with Cocoa60 g/100g Our delicious Soy Protein Crispies with 60% protein and an aromatic cocoa powder coating. Provides color and taste variety in your products especially in combination with our "normal" Soy Protein Crispies.