EURODUNA – Hemp Products

While being used for centuries in the production of clothing, ropes, or medicine, hemp only recently picked up in popularity in food products. And it is obvious why this boost has occured.

The hemp seeds are full of high quality nutrients, which have become more and more important. For the food production the species „Cannabis sativa“ (industrial hemp) is used, which has a relatively low content of THC.

Product range
Products Application / Description
Shelled Hemp Seeds The shelled and crushed hemp seeds are a perfect addition to mueslis, joghurts or porridge. Since the oil has not been extracted, the seeds have a nice balance of high quality fats, proteins and fiber.
Hemp Oil Nutty, smooth and healthy; these are the characteristics of our hemp oil. Through the cold press process most of the nutritional aspects of the hemp seed are preserved. The oil is high in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.
Hemp Flour After the oil pressing, the remaining product is milled. The resulting flour is high in protein (about 30 %) and fiber. Some of the high quality oil remains in the product and refines the taste and nutritional value of baked goods or other foods.
Hemp Seed Fiber The flour may be physically refined further to separate the protein and the seed fiber. The resulting fiber is a good source of dietary fiber while still containing some of the good protein and fat.
Hemp Protein The protein of the hemp seed has a broad range of amino acids, so it is ideal for sports nutrition like bars and shakes.