EURODUNA – Company Policy

We at Euroduna Food Ingredients GmbH see ourselves as an international link between producers of raw materials and processed food. For new or long proven products we support our customers with help and advice during development, delivery and production. Our focus does not just lie on large scale customers but also small scale customers.

Because of our long term relationship with our suppliers we are able to quickly find solutions for your wishes and needs. Before we accept a new supplier or product into our portfolio, our quality department thoroughly checks the legal, qualitative and food safety requirements – even directly at the country of origin. Processes were created in such a way that all specified parameters are met. Together with our application service team our products are tweaked according to our customers’ requirements.

In order to achieve the customer satisfaction we strive for, we have created a highly flexible and motivated team. The team members are supported by regular training and team spirit is strengthened by company-wide events.

As a family run trading company with horizontal hierarchy, communication is one of our most important tools. All companies within the Euroduna Group connect with each other to recognise market trends and risks. This also creates a larger pool of specialized knowledge from which all members can draw.

Our main goal is to provide food producers with easy access to high quality plant proteins in order to encourage and support the development and production of more environment friendly foods. Shorter supply chains are achieved by our direct contact to producers and our office location in central Europe.