Environment and Ethics


Since the environment gives us the food we trade, we are looking at ways to give back or reduce the negative impact we have on the environment. Our offices are designed in such a way that natural light not only reduces the need for electric lights, but also improves the mood of our employees. The electricity we do need to use for our servers and office equipment is 100% sourced from renewable energies through our local energy company.

Since our switch to a completely digital workflow, we were able to drastically cut our use of paper, toner and office supplies. This switch also helped us to work more flexibly and act faster.

Our central location in Europe allows us to reduce the transport distance for our products from producer to customer. This is also why we use several warehouses which are near our main suppliers or customers.

It is our mission to promote the use of plant based proteins and to make it easier for companies to have improved access to plant based raw materials.


While German worker laws already set a very high standard for workers rights and comfort, we at Euroduna Food Ingredients actively encourage our employees to suggest improvements to their workplaces and our company. This is not restricted, however to business improvements as in many other companies, but also includes improvements for workers safety, satisfaction and family life. Due to the flat company structure, improvements or concerns are able to be quickly handled. Voluntary events to improve teamwork are held by the company such as game nights, communal breakfast and sport trips.

The relatively small size of the family run company and the strong connection to our sister companies fosters a family like work environment, where everyone regardless of sex, religion, race, or opinions is respected and accepted.

During our supplier audits on site we look at the conditions for workers. This includes for example the size and state of break and changing rooms, worker safety measures and safety equipment. For ethical topics which are not able to be guaranteed with spot checks, such as the use of child labour, slavery or unreasonable working times, we have collected and checked statements from our suppliers.