Environment and Ethics


We are all responsible to do our best to preserve the environment.
In order to maintain our business, the sale of proteins and plant-based raw materials, we are dependent on an intact environment providing us with those raw materials.
We have recognized this responsibility and are permanently looking for ways to reduce negative environmental impacts and/or avoid them in total.
Our office is designed in a way that supports the incidence of natural light which helps to reduce the need of electric lights.
At the same time the mood among employees might be improved.
The digitalization of our work flow minimized our consumption of paper, toner and office supplies.
It furthermore increased our flexibility and helps us to act faster on documentation and document requests.
Our central location in Europe and well located warehouses are very beneficial to carry out our distribution function and keep transport routes short.
In order to get the best out of this benefit, we prioritize the physical proximity to our customers and suppliers while considering the locations of our warehouses and partners.
One of our overarching goals is to encourage the use of plant proteins as alternative protein sources and make them more accessible in general.
Because of our daily business we presumably contribute to a diversification of the range of availability plant based products, this may also support consumers in a more sustainable diet.


German labour law ensures highest standards for employees on working conditions and occupational safety.
In addition to the legal requirements, our corporate culture enables our employees to actively participate in the design of the respective workplaces.
Thanks to our flat corporate hierarchy and structure, adjustments can quickly be made and daily problems can immediately be solved.
We encourage our employees to suggest improvements.
We respect the group companies and promote the unity between our sister companies. All of our companies are family owned and work-life balance such as game nights and other group activities are encouraged.
The families of our employees are often invited to join our events, as it is important to us that they also see themselves as part of the Euroduna family and identify with our group of companies.
The relatively small size of the family run business and the strong connection to all our sister companies encourages a family working environment where everyone is respected and accepted.
All of our company's stakeholders are equally respected and accepted, regardless of their gender, religion, origin or opinion.
We require the same from our suppliers.
During on-site supplier audits we also check the working conditions of the employees. This includes, e.g. the size and condition of recreation and changing rooms, occupational safety precautions and safety equipment.
Requirements that we cannot verify through spot checks, such as child labour, slavery or unreasonable working hours, we request and check corresponding supplier statements and questionnaires.