EURODUNA – Quality management

Consistent product quality is the foundation of good business practices.
For us, quality means to completely fulfil our customer’s needs and expectations. This requires clear and precise coordination of our delivery promises and our customer’s requirements.

Because of this, quality is one of the most important factors as far as our buying decisions are concerned and everyone in our company shares a common quality consciousness which also includes being efficient and careful with precious resources.

In order to ensure we can provide the best quality, we use a continuous quality improvement system which helps us to iron out quality flaws in all stages of operation and service and reduce cost and impact on the environment.

Our quality system is built on good organisation and modern technologies to meet the highest quality standards. All executive staff are obliged to enforce effective quality measures which are updated to the latest knowledge and requirements.

Of course…without our employees all of this wouldn’t be possible so we make sure everybody is motivated and happy in our company to help our customers with flexibility and dedication.